Angeline D. Dator

{June 19, 2010}   Angie’s Math Experiences

Just like a typical contest, having Mathematics in my life comes in easy, average and difficult round. When I started schooling, I thought that Math is just about learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. But I was wrong. I learned that Mathematics is a broad subject that needs a large understanding and analization. But still, I started to love and appreciate the subject at my young age.

I’ve been our school’s representative in several math competitions since elementary. Because of that, Mathematics served as my breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. ^^ My teachers trained me whole day. I also attended review and advanced classes as preparation for the contest. I learned different ways and techniques in solving Math problems. For most people, dealing with numbers and computations is really a burden. Math is really difficult to learn and understand. But as a Math-lover, it’s just a matter of appreciation.^^


hi giee ..
naks .. kdugo ang engLish nten ah . hehe !
God bless en tc ^^

.. ganda ng mga sentence ahh.. math major tlga..
.. hehehe
.. gudluck
.. ingat lgi ..
.. muah!

eow angie ..
nagnose bleed ako sa english moh ah ..
hehehe ..
anyway take care always and be always be happy ..

Miss green.. ‘yan karibal ko yan sa green. hahahaha. jowk lang.
thanks po sa lahat.. I wish na sana magtagal po kayo ni marvin. Bagay naman kayo eh.^_^

hahaha nice theme ahh… ilike it hehehe

slmt s comment ahhaha dahil kelangan tlga nting mgcomment sa isat isa ahhaha

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